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WynterCon XI

Gear up to beam into the 11th rendition of WynterCon in September 2024, an esteemed staple in the chronicles of family festivities. This weekend escapade transcends the ordinary, inviting you on an enchanting voyage through the domains of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Pop Culture, and the artistic universe!

Envision a TARDIS, teeming with boundless prospects; that's the essence of WynterCon – a cosmos of activities tailored for beings of all ages and origins. Navigate through an exhibition space reminiscent of Gallifrey's grandeur, adorned with captivating displays, snapshot nooks, and hands-on workshops. Converge with cosplayers, whose attire outshines the binary luminance of Tatooine, and engage with celebrated creatives, from ingenious artists to distinguished authors whose tales vault beyond the confines of mere paper.

Embodying the heart of a quintessential British bazaar, we've convened a diverse assembly of vendors, echoing the allure of Diagon Alley's most esteemed establishments. These merchants stand ready with their arrays of curios and keepsakes, ensuring your journey with us transcends ephemeral moments.

WynterCon embarks on a valiant mission beyond the festivities and marvels. We stand united in support of Sky Creative Sussex (Registered Charity Number 1178076), a lighthouse of ingenuity and education. Your presence contributes to an ongoing series of workshops and initiatives that cultivate growth and inspiration throughout the year.

This edition of WynterCon marks a new chapter with its new venue and location, setting the stage for an even more memorable and extraordinary convergence in the cosmos.

Secure your passage today! Embark on an odyssey scripted in the celestial tapestry.

As we eagerly anticipate September, remember the words of the Doctor, "All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?" Let your journey commence at WynterCon XI, for 'It Doesn't Matter What World You're From, You're Welcome In Ours'…

Further information regarding the event, including details of the Cosplay Competition and Special Guests will be released on our website as we approach the event, so please keep checking and our Facebook and Instagram for more details.

If you are planning on attending the event in costume please read our Cosplay Guidelines and Prop & Weapons Policy. If you are planning on being accompanied by an Assistance Animal please read our Assistance Animals Admission Policy.

** Important: Please note **


If after purchasing tickets you later discover you cannot attend the event, we regret we are unable to reimburse your ticket purchase(s).

Infant & Child Tickets:

Infants under 5 years of age may accompany an adult free of charge however a complimentary infant ticket is required.

Primary School Children aged between 5 and 11 years require a Primary School Child ticket for admission.

Secondary School Children aged between 12 and 16 years require a Secondary School Child ticket for admission.

All infant and primary school child ticket holders must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or over) and are subject to a maximum of 3 infant/child ticket holders per adult.

Complimentary Carer Admission:

Paying disabled guests at WynterCon XI are entitled to one free carer admission. Please bring valid documentation with you to WynterCon XI to collect your carer's wristband from our admissions desk on arrival.

Disabled guests, who have purchased a ticket, can obtain one free carer's wristband each day upon arrival when providing proof of disability. For proof of disability please bring ONE of the following forms of documentation:-

A carer must be 16 years of age or over and capable of assisting the guest who has the disability. The carer is expected to understand the disabled person’s condition and assist them in managing it for the duration of the visit. If more than one carer’s wristband is required, a letter from a GP or consultant is needed, stating the number of carers required.

Free carer wristbands are issued solely at the discretion of the organisers.

Please do not buy a ticket for your carer as this will NOT be refunded.